The French skincare secret

Les Francais may have invented micellar water, but we’ve improved on it Downunder.

How to get that French gal glow

It really starts with cleansing. Hot water and harsh cleansers totally dehydrate your complexion, and can cause spot-prone skin to start producing even more oil. If you’re gunning for glow, a gentle cleanser like micellar water will be your secret radiance-producing weapon.

What does micellar even mean?

It comes from micelles, the miniscule oil molecules that are suspended in soft water. It’s a simple oil-in-water formulation, a fuss-free, ingenious way to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.

Did the French invent micellar water?

They did. Out of sheer necessity. Ask a Parisian woman what splashing her visage with the local tap water does to skin (or just take our word for it – their ‘hard’ water sucks the moisture from your complexion and leaves it dull and raisin dry). We tend to have less calcium-rich water in Australia but if basic H2O can strip your skin of moisture, imagine what a harsh cleanser might do (hint: sensitivity and irritation). That’s why using a gentle cleanser is such an important part of your skincare regimen.

How is micellar water different to regular cleansers?

For the first time in history it was suddenly possible to cleanse skin without using any water at all. That’s partly why micellar water has become a cult product. It’s loved by makeup artists the world over for its ability to remove every scrap of makeup while leaving your complexion looking Parisian fresh and, critically, residue free so that your makeup won’t slide. 

It’s perfect for travel

Micellar water will get you out of a cleansing fix whenever you have no access to water (or skin-friendly water if you happen to be heading to Paris!). Because you don’t need to rinse skin afterwards, micellar water is great for on the go – travel, post-workout at the gym, or even camping. It’s also a brilliant makeup brush cleaner.

Are there differences in micellar water?

Oui! While the formula started as a simple solution to cleansing without water, a good micellar water can do so much more. Thanks to the oil molecules suspended in the water, micellar water can also nourish skin while it removes makeup and daily grime. And…

Micellar water can be anti-ageing

The best micellar water cleansers can work the kind of anti-ageing magic you would expect from a high-end moisturiser.  Choose one that is high in Vitamin C because that’s key – Vitamin C is a scientifically proven, powerful free radical fighter that can brighten skin, reduce pigmentation and plump up fine lines. 

To be most effective, the Vitamin C should come from a natural source

Like native Australian botanic extracts, for example, which have some of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C in the world. We’re big fans of native Australian Desert Lime – it has an astonishing number of phyto-active compounds (nine to be exact!), which have incredible skin benefits, ranging from stimulating collagen (essential if you’re concerned about reducing wrinkles), to actively reducing UV damage and improving skin hydration. Choose a Vitamin C – rich micellar water and you’ll get bonus anti-ageing benefits while you cleanse.

Can all skin types use micellar water?

Yes, they sure can, but it’s extra good for mature and sensitive skin because the oil droplets in the water are hydrating and won’t disrupt the skin’s natural pH.

Is there a specific way to use micellar water?

It’s fast and easy – dab some on a cotton ball or pad and wipe over the face. Then just carry on with your skincare regimen as per usual – there’s no need to wash your complexion.

A few last words on that French gal glowIf you’ve got cleansing down pat, then all your skin needs is a little help to maintain its natural, healthy glow. Prevention is at the heart of every Parisian regimen. The French do their best to slow down ageing by pampering their complexion with a simple and (this is the really crucial) gentle routine well before adulthood. Didn’t start that early? It’s never too late – cleanse gently with a Vitamin C-rich micellar water and invest in a nourishing moisturiser that can help turn back time. In as little as a few weeks you’ll be on the road to radiance.

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