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Unlike standard rise off cleansers our non drying Anti-Ageing Micellar Water with Desert Lime has been formulated with moisturising fatty acid esters to hydrate and nourish skin, keeping the skin barrier intact. A simple and gentle cleansing alternative to harsh face wipes and alcohol based toners and astringents.




Sensitive, acne-prone and mature skin take note: this gentle micellar cleanser with native Australian Desert Lime extract is a game-changer, working like a mini sponge to gently mop up dirt and makeup without removing the natural oils on the skin surface. Read more about Micellar Water and Desert Lime.

Key ingredients:

  • Micelles: tiny balls of oil molecules that are suspended in soft water to gently draw out impurities without drying out the skin or disrupting pH levels.
  • Native Australian Desert Lime extract: Rich in potent antioxidants and phytonutrients, this superfruit stimulates collagen, protects from UVA/B damaging light, reduces pigmentation and skin redness, improves skin hydration and even helps to reduce dark circles and under-eye puffiness.


Removes an entire face of makeup without leaving any oily residue behind. As well as cleansing, it also nourishes the skin thanks to the anti-ageing, anti-pollution benefits of native Australian Desert Lime. The no-rinse formula is perfect for travel, post-workout, cleaning makeup brushes, camping or visiting places where no running water is accessible.


Place some micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe over the face to remove makeup, dirt and grime. There is no need to wash your face – you can follow with serum and moisturiser.
Best stored in a cool dark place.


Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Glycerin, Citrus Glauca Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium, Sorbate, Citric Acid, Betaine, Xylitol.

Step 1
Soak a cotton pad with micellar water. Gently wipe over face to remove make-up, grime and excess sebum. Repeat until cotton pad comes away clean. No need to rinse face.
Micellar Water
Step 2
Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to freshly cleansed skin. Gently massage over entire face and décolletage area. Allow serum to absorb into skin before applying eye gel.
S8-28 Assist
Step 3
Using your fingertip, gently dot a pea sized amount of eye gel around the orbital bone. Start at the inner eye and work outwards. Pat until absorbed. Follow with moisturiser.
WPC Eye Complex
Step 4
Apply 2 pumps of moisturiser to entire face and décolletage area. Gently massage in circular motions until absorbed. Follow with sunscreen.

Let’s get technical.

Micellar water is basically a cleansing water made up of 2 essential ingredients-

  • Water or H₂O and
  • Surfactant/s (a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved)

How does a surfactant work and why add it to water?

Oil (such as sebum) and water usually repel each other as oil is a non-polar substrate and water a polar substrate (think about what happens when you place like poles of 2 magnets together……they repel each other. So to help water and oil stick together and form an emulsion we need to add a surfactant/s.

Surfactants are made up of 2 parts.

  1. A hydrophilic head (meaning its attracted to water)
  2. hydrophobic tail (meaning it repels water and attracts oil).

When surfactants are added to water they assemble themselves into clusters called micelles. These clusters are spherical in shape and resemble a pin cushion with the tails of the surfactant/s meeting together in the middle of the ball and the heads assembling around the perimeter.

Pouring micellar water onto a cotton pad results in the rearrangement of micelles out from their spherical orientation and into a monolayer with their heads buried into the cotton pad (a polar substrate) and their tails in the air.

When the cotton pad is the swiped across skin, excess sebum (oil), dirt and make up (non polar substrates) are attracted to and bind with the tails of surfactants, allowing them to be absorbed and swept away.

  • Kim Nicholls

    After months of seeing Micellar water dominating the shelves of pharmacies, beauty salons and social media I had to see what this craze was all about and why it’s still running so strong. I’ve tried and tested many skin care brands over the years but decided to stick with my favourite new Aussie skin care label Claire Hill and I am completely obsessed! This Micellar water gets it just right for my sensitive skin which is easily prone to irritation. No redness or tingling ? I use the product after I have cleansed to remove all my excess make up. Mascara included!!!! I also use the product in the morning as part of my beauty routine simply because I just love how it leaves me feeling fresh-faced and refreshed. The only negative about this product is that it’s so good my husband keeps stealing it! Time to order a his and hers bottle!

  • Brooke Bunney

    I cannot recommend this highly enough. I purchased the serum and moisturiser and received this for free and am I glad I did!!! I have been completely converted. This stuff is amazing not only does it remove EVERY ounce of my makeup and dirt and grime it doesn’t hurt my eyes or burn my skin. I am totally in love. I even cleaned my skin with my normal cleanser and followed up with the Micellar water and was beyond impressed that removed all that my cleanser hadn’t. Followed up with Serum and Moisteriser and I am in heaven. I am only about two weeks in and already having many compliments on my skin.

  • Keturah

    I have recently purchased the Micellar cleansing water and I really love how it has no fragrance and how clean and fresh it makes my skin feel! I love all the Claire Hill products I would highly recommend to them! Love love love 🙂

  • Josie

    I highly recommend all 3 products. Been using for a few months now and my skin is so nourished and my skin is looking more youthful. Love the idea of not needing too many products to see the results I’m seeing.

  • Caroline Bice

    I have been using Claire Hill for nearly eight weeks and I’m in love. It’s by far the best skin care product I have ever used. It’s the first time I have had skincare that hasn’t made my skin flare up or break out and it is the easiest to use. I actually look forward to using it twice a day! My favourite would be the serum as it is super light and non-greasy.. I’ve always steered away from serums as they made my skin really oily but this one is divine! Thank you Loretta Hill for creating such a wonderful product 🙌🏻

  • Caitlan

    This Miceller water is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, no left over residue. A must have in my beauty routine.

  • Sarah

    Love love love! I purchased the serum and moisturizer and fell in love! Then I thought I need to try it all! Purchased the micellar water and totally worth it. Helps my face feel clean, refreshed and light!
    Highly recommend ALL products!

  • Eva

    Another great Claire Hill product, so gentle, leaves skin feeling clean. Great way to remove make up. I use with reusable cotton pads.

  • Aly Cole

    I have now been using the Trio for 4 months and I have never had so many comments on my skin . I’m 41 and my skin feels smooth , clean , dewy and always hydrated .

  • Peta Eadie

    I’ve never had a great quality skin care regime before and I’m so impressed with the entire Claire Hill range. It’s such a quick and easy skin care routine. I can’t believe how little product you need to use and the results were almost instantaneous for me. My skin feels hydrated, smoother and firmer at the same time and my fine lines certainly look less defined. I look forward to my little piece of luxury morning & night with my Claire Hill products.

  • Jenee

    This is a very gentle cleanser but extremely effective at removing all traces of dirt and sunscreen. Instead of having to wet my face and lather it up, I can just use cotton pads to clean. Much quicker. I even tested its effectiveness by using my normal cleanser and then followed with this Micellar Water and it clearly showed that my normal cleanser was not cleaning properly as the cotton pads with the micellar water still showed some dirt.
    Combining effectiveness, ease of use and gentleness I gave this cleanser 5 stars as it is worth it.

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