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SAVE R300 when purchasing the Trio!

Each set contains our original Claire Hill DUO plus our newest addition- a gentle Micellar Water with native Australian Desert Lime that gently cleans and nourishes your face without removing the natural oils on the skin surface.





Is carefully formulated for Sensitive, Acne-Prone and Mature skin. Take note: this gentle micellar cleanser with native Australian Desert Lime extract is a game-changer, working like a mini sponge to gently mop up dirt and makeup without removing the natural oils on the skin surface.


Delivers potent antioxidant Vitamin C and E deep into the skin via a powerful superfruit (native Australian Kakadu Plum extract) and a fermented marine extract (Hyanify™).

The serum sinks in quickly and is designed to work actively in the deeper layers of the skin, especially when ‘sealed’ in with


This luxe lotion plumps and smooths the skin, nourishing complexions with skin-loving oils and preventing new wrinkles forming thanks to the scientific breakthrough of Snap-8™, a powerful amino acid that helps prevent facial muscles contracting.

Step 1
Soak a cotton pad with micellar water. Gently wipe over face to remove make-up, grime and excess sebum. Repeat until cotton pad comes away clean. No need to rinse face.
Micellar Water
Step 2
Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to freshly cleansed skin. Gently massage over entire face and décolletage area. Allow serum to absorb into skin before applying eye gel.
S8-28 Assist
Step 3
Using your fingertip, gently dot a pea sized amount of eye gel around the orbital bone. Start at the inner eye and work outwards. Pat until absorbed. Follow with moisturiser.
WPC Eye Complex
Step 4
Apply 2 pumps of moisturiser to entire face and décolletage area. Gently massage in circular motions until absorbed. Follow with sunscreen.

Let’s get technical.

A cleanser can have a profound impact on your skin and skin care regime. It is important to choose a cleanser with a reduced tendency to cause protein denaturation. This means choosing a cleanser with a similar pH level to skin. Most soaps typically have a pH of around 9. A high pH like this can cause skin swelling, promoting deeper penetration of the soap itself which in turn causes irritation and sensitivity. Soap also tends to bind to the skins surface, reducing the ability of skin proteins to be able to hold onto water. Reduced hydration leads to skin tightness and dryness.

The beauty of Claire Hill Micellar Water is that it’s closer to the skins natural pH level and has the ability to cleanse skin without damaging the surface barrier or stripping skin of natural oils.

Cleansing skin in the morning removes impurities and dead skin cells that could otherwise block pores and cause acne. It also allows for easier penetration and greater absorption of your serum and moisturiser.

A good quality serum like Claire Hill S8-28 Assist Anti-Ageing Serum can then penetrate down into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver all its goodness. By sealing the serum in with Claire Hill S8-28 anti-ageing moisturiser you’ll help give your skin a fresh glow and a healthy and younger looking appearance.

The same routine should be applied at night. Removing make up, dirt and grime before bed will allow skin to breathe (skin needs oxygen to repair, restore and regenerate itself). Your serum and moisturiser can then effectively nourish and hydrate.

  • Lisa

    I have been using te duo for a little while now and are amazed at how easy it is and the results are slowly showing and my skin feels better than it has for a long time. I definitely will be purchasing it again. I have also started using the. Micellar Water which also amazing put a few drops on a cotton pad a good wipe over and the dirt is now on pad and face feels great ready for the trio how simple it is now to cleanse and moisturise my face. Thank you Claire Hill.

  • AJ

    The best products on the market for my sensitive skin. I purchased the trio pack and love all the products. My skin is the best it’s ever looked x

  • Rina

    Have recently purchased the trio and my skin is loving it! A little goes a long way and I can already see and feel the difference. Best skin care choice I’ve made xx

  • Lara Steele

    These products are the best ever.

  • woodsdr

    8 weeks of using Clairehillaustralia products, I really am , impressed, so simple, but so effective.My skin feels clean and fresh and so so soft.( this is the right product for me, The softener skin, and how clean it felt was noticed within days )
    And customer service is just lovely
    Thank you, I will continue on with these products As I can feel the difference, and I love that it takes only a few minutes each day. Perfect skin care Routine for me. For anyone needing a quick easy Routine that shows results this is it.

  • Lucy Chambers

    After using this product for only a week I was hooked and impressed at the immediate results that I saw. Coming into the winter months my skin was dry, pigmented and ageing. The Claire Hill trio arrived in its beautifully packaged box and I was keen to get started. After the first week I noticed that my skin was totally hydrated and I loved the simple nature of the products. I used the products morning and evening and was consistent in my routine of taking off all my make up at the end of the day. I also for the first time in a long time stopped wearing make up everyday. After four weeks of using Claire Hill my skin tone had evened out, pigmentation had faded and I had a glow to my skin that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I have been genuinely impressed by the product and look forward to continuing with the Claire Hill products.

  • Linda

    Really enjoying these products. Skin feels clearer and plumper and skin tone seems more even.

  • Nicolette Smith

    For the past eight weeks (plus one), I have been using @clairehill Australia, and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

    I discovered @clairehill via social media and was curious to learn more. I was pleased to find out after eight weeks that this product does exactly what it claims to do.

    This EASY three-step routine is perfect for my skin and is truly the lazy girl dream. It is also perfect for my sensitive skin.

    The area around my eyes and lips became firmer! My forehead was more forgiving of my wrinkles, which was my biggest insecurity. My skin changed dramatically, especially following a breakout from stress and medication. The pigmentation and overall feel were smooth and hydrated. My skin is tighter but soft… like bouncy but not puffy… you follow me? Anyway, it feels incredible!

    I would and have recommended this product to friends and family (and you). Check out their Instagram and CH community for photos of actual results you will not be disappointed. They will also answer questions you have!!

    The micellar water actually cleans your face leaving it fresh not oily like the other brands.

    The S8-28 ASSIST has assisted my skin in creating Firmer, Plumper and Brighter skin. It is an excellent replacement for those extra serums like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid because it is all-inclusive.

    S8-28 moisturiser is an alternative to injectable using SNAP-8 technology to smooth your skin. It is a thick and absorbent product that leaves your face soft to touch.

    Say #byefelicia to wrinkles!!

    Thank you, @lorettahill, for allowing me to try your amazing product.

  • Donna Taylor

    The Claire Hill Trio has ended my eternal search for the best skincare routine. At the tender age of 49, I have finally found it. All 3 products work wonderfully together and really have plumped and hydrated my skin. Having very sensitive eyes I am so relieved that the products don’t irritate. Claire Hill Trio you have won me!

  • Samantha

    I have been using the Claire Hill Trio for over 8 weeks now and I can’t speak highly enough of these products. The biggest difference I have seen is the brightness in my skin, especially underneath my eyes, my skin looks and feels hydrated (even in winter), my pigmentation has faded and my fine lines have also started to fade. Claire Hill skin products have given me the confidence I was lacking and I can’t stop smiling know that I have found a skincare product that works for me. Than you so much to Claire Hill for allowing me to try their amazing products.

  • Michelle

    I have never been good at sticking to a skincare routine but I decided to give Claire Hill my full commitment!! I love it and can’t recommended it highly enough.

  • Lorraine

    For the past 8 weeks, I have been using Claire Hill skincare. Thank you for the amazing skincare that has helped my skin to feel and look better. I can see results within days. I love that my skin feels softer and has more even skin tone especially the area beneath my eyes. My skin is brighter and I feel confident even without putting make up on.

    It is not easy to find the right skincare that would help me especially through winter. These products are the best ever! I am so thankful that I have found Claire Hill! Claire Hill gives me confidence and beauty. My utmost thanks to the beautiful amazing Claire Hill founder!

  • Candice

    Illuminating! My skin has ‘woken up’ by using the trio for a month. No more sneaky blackheads around the nose. My face is hydrated not oily, or greasy as some moisturisers leave my skin.

    I will be continuing with these beautiful products.

  • Jerri

    Loving my Claire Hill products thank you! Will he sticking with this, couldn’t be more pleased with my results so far.

  • Clare

    Thank you thank you thank you!! My skin was dry with constant breakouts Due to my work environment. What a change. My skin is smooth and glowing! And that’s after only after a few weeks for changing to this trio. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  • Kellie Bray

    I have recently discovered Claire Hill products and I can honestly say I won’t be going back. My skin was instantly glowing and hydrated. My skin has never been this clear. After only a few weeks of using these products I have noticed a massive change in my skin tone. I have sensitive skin and these products feel beautiful. I have to be careful with what I use on my face, these products are absolute perfection!! Thank you Claire Hill.

  • Anita

    I started using Claire Hill about 5-6 weeks ago and have noticed a real difference with my skin. I have extremely dry skin, and have to be careful to balance the dryness with not over applying heavy moisturising creams that are too heavy as well. I love the Claire Hill combination, my skin feels beautiful and smooth and stays nicely hydrated. Sits really well under makeup too. I am very happy as I have tried literally so many creams and serums to help combat my type of skin.

  • traceysea

    Amazing products! Just at the end of my trio pack and will definitely be reordering 🙂

  • Keira

    I’m loving this trio! I was worried my sensitive eczema prone skin wouldn’t appreciate these beautiful products…. but it does. And I’m glowing! Very happy so far after a month of using them.

  • Jess Panozzo-Tile

    If you can do one this today TRY THIS TRIO i can not recommended these beauties enough..
    I suffer from dry sensitive skin with congestion in my T zone and ezema on my cheeks these 3 products have calmed my skin down cleared up my congestion and hydrated my skin beyond my belief.
    It takes time and yes I still get the odd flair up but the fact i know my skin care is not the reson why is one of the biggest reliefs in my beauty routine..
    I now have the confidence to wear less heavy make up and feel proud and happy about my skin.
    Thankyou Claire Hill 💛🌿

  • Jenee

    I think these products are the absolute holy grail of skincare products. They just cannot be faulted and it is obvious a lot of research has gone into the formulations. The consistency of each product in the trio is perfect, they absorb quickly with no residue leaving the skin feeling natural and moisturised. I won’t ever have to look for another skincare routine again as these products are just simply the best.

  • Carol Hill

    My face has never felt so hydrated or soft. I have always had oily skin and have always been afraid of moisturisers. The whole trio does not make my skin oily at all but leaves it refreshed and feeling 100% healthier. I am also finding an improvement in fine lines. I’m hooked.

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