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Each set contains our original Claire Hill DUO plus our newest addition- a gentle Micellar Water with native Australian Desert Lime that gently cleans and nourishes your face without removing the natural oils on the skin surface.





Is carefully formulated for Sensitive, Acne-Prone and Mature skin. Take note: this gentle micellar cleanser with native Australian Desert Lime extract is a game-changer, working like a mini sponge to gently mop up dirt and makeup without removing the natural oils on the skin surface.


Delivers potent antioxidant Vitamin C and E deep into the skin via a powerful superfruit (native Australian Kakadu Plum extract) and a fermented marine extract (Hyanify™).

The serum sinks in quickly and is designed to work actively in the deeper layers of the skin, especially when ‘sealed’ in with


This luxe lotion plumps and smooths the skin, nourishing complexions with skin-loving oils and preventing new wrinkles forming thanks to the scientific breakthrough of Snap-8™, a powerful amino acid that helps prevent facial muscles contracting.

Let’s get technical.

A cleanser can have a profound impact on your skin and skin care regime. It is important to choose a cleanser with a reduced tendency to cause protein denaturation. This means choosing a cleanser with a similar pH level to skin. Most soaps typically have a pH of around 9. A high pH like this can cause skin swelling, promoting deeper penetration of the soap itself which in turn causes irritation and sensitivity. Soap also tends to bind to the skins surface, reducing the ability of skin proteins to be able to hold onto water. Reduced hydration leads to skin tightness and dryness.

The beauty of Claire Hill Micellar Water is that it’s closer to the skins natural pH level and has the ability to cleanse skin without damaging the surface barrier or stripping skin of natural oils.

Cleansing skin in the morning removes impurities and dead skin cells that could otherwise block pores and cause acne. It also allows for easier penetration and greater absorption of your serum and moisturiser.

A good quality serum like Claire Hill S8-28 Assist Anti-Ageing Serum can then penetrate down into the deeper layers of your skin to deliver all its goodness. By sealing the serum in with Claire Hill S8-28 anti-ageing moisturiser you’ll help give your skin a fresh glow and a healthy and younger looking appearance.

The same routine should be applied at night. Removing make up, dirt and grime before bed will allow skin to breathe (skin needs oxygen to repair, restore and regenerate itself). Your serum and moisturiser can then effectively nourish and hydrate.

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