Desert Lime: All The Juice On This A-Beauty Native It’s a basic scientific principle:

A plant like native desert lime that is tough enough to thrive in harsh conditions must have a powerful survival secret; some kind of invisible superpower that protects it from withering and shrivelling under intense UV and temperature conditions in Australia.

What does this plant’s supremacy have to do with skin? Everything! Unlocking desert lime’s champion survival secrets is a precious treasure for skincare science: it allows us to harness the plant’s natural actives in skincare formulations so that, just like the desert lime plant itself, we have the power to help protect our complexion from environmental ageing. Sayonara wrinkles!

Why Aussie natives are so special

Science says we’re blessed to have some of the world’s most potent skin rejuvenating ingredients growing right here on our home soil. Aussie natives like Desert Lime, Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum all share one thing in common: extraordinarily high amounts of vitamin C. Desert Lime not only has three times the vitamin C found in a mandarin, it also has a higher antioxidant content than goji berries. That makes this native plant a truly potent skincare ingredient.

How does desert lime protect against skin ageing?

Desert lime’s high vitamin C content means it can neutralise free radicals, those pesky unstable cells that cause oxidative stress, which is a major cause of wrinkles and premature ageing. Bottling vitamin C has proven tricky in the past (if it’s not a stable form of vitamin C, it can quickly lose its potency when exposed to air), but desert lime is special – it contains flavone glycosides, which not only helps to stabilise the vitamin C, it also intensifies its antioxidant activity.

Desert lime improves skin tone

Desert lime is to skin what lemon juice is to cut fruit – it helps stop discolouration. Thanks to desert lime’s incredibly high vitamin C content, it can help prevent skin pigmentation caused by oxidative stress. That means brighter and more even-toned skin if you use it regularly.

It’s a hydration bomb

Desert lime can thrive in the dry conditions of outback Australia and still produce fruit with juicy pearls, so it’s no stretch to say this native plant knows how to hold on to water. It can do the same for your skin – desert lime improves hydration, which is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

Desert lime is a natural collagen booster

That’s right! When applied to skin this native plant extract stimulates the growth of collagen, which is good news for anyone keen on keeping wrinkles at bay without resorting to needles or knives. Desert lime is a natural youth booster – it has 9 different phyto-active compounds that all work synergistically to keep skin smooth, hydrated and even toned. It even helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles in the under-eye area.

When to use products with desert lime

Use skincare containing desert lime twice daily. Applying it at night gives your skin the antioxidant boost it needs to rejuvenate while you sleep, but using it in the morning gives you an added benefit – desert lime’s unique combo of vitamin C and ferulic acid provides all-day-long supplemental UV protection (alongside sunscreen) because it sinks into skin and won’t rub off. Bye bye pesky pigmentation!

Where can I get a quality skincare product containing desert lime?

We use desert lime in our Claire Hill Micellar Water, a non-drying no-rinse cleanser with anti-ageing properties that removes grime and makeup without drying out the skin. It’s formulated with just the right concentration of desert lime to cleanse, nourish, improve hydration levels, reduce pigmentation, and reverse redness. It’s gentle and natural and requires no water so you can even use it on the go.

Do all skin types love desert lime?

naturaYes! Even sensitive skins love this native Aussie ingredient as it can improve inflammatory conditions and redness. Whatever your skin type, it pays to keep your daily product routine simple – that way you’re supporting your skin, not creating ingredient confusion. A-Beauty is booming because people see brilliant results with our less-is-more approach to skincare – minimum product use for maximum benefit!

That’s what we’re all about at Claire Hill:

simple, effective, ethically-sourced Aussie products that contain potent actives in just the right concentrations to ensure your skin glows with good health. Discover the power of beauty born out of confidence for yourself!

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